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After my BSc. in Economics, I worked with a multinational for while. Afterward, I proceeded and completed my Masters of Business Administration in Marketing.

You read that briskly, but those events happened over a period of time.  In that time interval, we experienced the Millenium bug frenzy in the 2000s, the economic meltdown of the year 2008,  shortly after that, the rise and fall of tech giants, mergers and acquisitions, and the emergence of the digital economy.

One of the key ingredients of a successful career is a continuous learning attitude.  Knowledge is increasing every day, giving rise to new skills to be acquired, and sadly other skills and career paths will become obsolete in a few years.

For me, I realized that companies were shifting from traditional tools of marketing to digital marketing. Old methods & systems are giving way to new strategies and tools. So, an upgrade was paramount and I gave my new goal a shot.

Today, being a certified digital marketer was a game-changer for me. I had to learn, unlearn, and relearn. It does not end at the certificate alone, what is more, important is the value you can give and the problems you can solve with the digital knowledge & tools acquired.

So here is the big picture about the game changers hub

  • We are all about helping you sharpen your mindset to succeed in your quest to acquire digital skills, for financial freedom

  • Here we LEARN, EARN & MASTER what we learn.

  • There is a rise in the need for experts and professionals in the digital world who are keen on proferring solutions to the problems in our society.

  • The goal of every business is to solve a problem after which you go home smiling to the bank. Principally, we are here to equip you with tools to start off your online business, proffer solutions and make some good money.

  • We want to enable you with the knowledge to reach your goals and build the 7 figure online business company of your dreams.

  • Train you on how to make passive income with affiliate marketing

I will be offering some free training and coaching that will be valuable in your journey. Watch out for the information soon.


You can send a WhatsApp Message (+2348066538253) to be added to the group to receive quick tips and information on the training.

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